Top 5 Body Builders In India

Today's lives, everyone wants to feel lovely, create their flesh flawlessly, but nobody wants to work difficult. Thus, individuals use a lot of chemicals to grow their bodily muscles but that affects their flesh.
1. Murali Kumar

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The top spot is Murali Kumar, 35 years ancient Indian Navy officer who began his caring profession at a relatively later era when he was 25, but was one of the country's leading bodybuilders, retaining Mr. India's titles in 2013 and 2014. In the 2012 Asian Bodybuilding Championship in Vietna he has also been praised for his work.

2. Sangram Chougule

One of the best bodybuilders in India today Sangram Chougule, who is basically a Pune based electrical engineer. This man has brought numerous titles for the country, including that of Mr. Universe (85 kg category) in the 2012 World Bodybuilding Championship, Bangkok. He takes a diet including chicken (1 pound), fish (2 pounds), boiled veggies and milk, every day to maintain his body.

3. Rajendran Mani

After 15 years in the Indian Air Force, Rajendran Mani began his bodybuilding profession. He has become one of India's most effective bodybuilder with 8 times of consecutive wins as Mr. India and Champion of Champions.

4. Suhas Khamkar

Suhas Khamkar, who is bodybuilding in his DNA because he originates from a household of bodybuilders, is the next among India's top 10 greatest bodybuilders. There are many awards, including Mr. India (9 occasions), Mr. Maharashtra and Mr. Olympia Amateur (7 occasions), Mr. Asia 2010 and more. He was honored to be the first Indian to win the title of Mr. Asia in 2010.

5. Amit Chhetri

He has won several national honors, including the victory at the Champions Federation Cup 2013. In the categories, 95 -100 kg, the bodybuilder Amit Chhetri is a renowned Gorkha bodybuilder.

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