Waterfall In Manali

 Waterfall In Manali

1. Jogni Waterfall

Jogni waterfall is located in  hill of Bashisht which is around 4-7km from Manali . This waterfall is very beautiful . You can go there only by walking .It is a beautiful place to see nature. Everyday  this place  popularity increases . There are thousand of visitor come there to see this waterfall and many other natural places.

2. Sajla waterfall


Sajla waterfall is located in a village named sajla .Thia waterfall is also a good place to enjoy nature . This waterfall is around  13 km from manali . It is located in the mid of the forest . You can also enjoy there river crossing . Evenn in snowfall time it looks so cool and best place to photo shoot . If you ever visit manali don't forget to visit there.

3.Jana waterfall

Jana waterfall is also the one of the popular waterfall in Manali . It is located in Jana which  is around 33 km from Manali and 12 km from Naggar . This place is also good for off road bikes . It is also for a camping  or tracking location . It is also a good location for photoshot . Many people visit there and in this route you can also find art gallery . 

4. Heart broken waterfall

This waterfall is located in Raison which is around 25 km from Manali . This waterfall is called heart broken because of its shape. It is a very good waterfall and you can also go there for river rafting.

Manali is renowned for its snow-covered mountains, scenic beauty,waterfall,history and culture.Often referred to as the 'Valley of the Gods', Manali is one of the popular 3 day trip from Delhi . Manali is named after the Hindu lawgiver Manu.

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